Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ageless Beauty


The wise woman of experience offers her perspective on life.
She savors the past and smiles at the future,
not knowing what it holds.
But she is sure it is something good.
Live for today, enjoy your wrinkles, make them beautiful and meaningful.

Diane Kern, SoulCollage artist and feng shui consultant, made this incredible card. To see more cards honoring the Wise Woman/Crone visit Walking Toward Wisdom, a virtual SoulCollage exhibit. There is also a teleclass on the Crone Archetype available at KaleidoSoul.

1 comment:

cheryl finley said...

Oh Sharry...what a beautiful crone she is...and yes, wise. She embodies the spirit of celebrating who she is in this momemt...and celebrating the journey that brought her here. Ineed, wise ideas to incorporate.