Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Fearless by Karen Mann

I am the one who is no longer afraid.
I am the one who is ready to deal with whatever comes my way.
I am strong, I am following my heart & I believe that I have the resources within me to fulfill my dreams.

This inspiring SoulCollage® card is by Karen Mann. She is just about to leave her day job and do her dream job: her own art work and the facilitation of others in their creative life processes.

Go Karen! You are an inspiration. It is a delight to have your energy, ideas, and expressive cards in our SoulCollage community.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I feel honored

Here is the nice note I got from Kylea Taylor to be posted. I notice some reluctance to actually put it up. Clearly I could make a card for the one who loves and fears being seen.. If anyone has made such a card, I'd love to see it. e-mail


Your SoulCollage blog really shows the wonder, joy, and humble surprise we all feel in making our own SoulCollage cards and then working with them to find out what they tell us about ourselves. I appreciate that you also honor the artists and sources for the images that help us SoulCollagers find pieces of ourselves. Thank you for having the inspiration and follow-through to set up and maintain this blog so people can see samples of your and others' SoulCollage cards.

Warm regards,

Monday, April 04, 2005


This is a SoulCollage card made for my personal use. I post it here to illustrate my process of self-understanding.

The Red Queen

Last night I kept working on brochures for our next SoulCollage workshop far past my comfort level. Put in just one more contact. Now see if mail merge will work. Folding. Writing notes. I couldn't/wouldn't stop. Breathless. The Red Queen running just as fast as she could to stay in the same place and me flying helplessly along behind her.

The Red Queen:
I am the one who in in charge.
I am the one who can't stop if I want to keep up.
I am the one who wants to Be Somebody and Will Do Whatever Takes To Get There.

I am the one who doesn't have her feet on the qround.
I am the one being pulled along whether I like it or not.
I am the one who has climbed through the looking glass, entered the garden, and sought the Queen.

I awoke awhile back with this picture of Alice in mind. I knew immediately the card would be called Breathless. I made the card first with some embellishments -- not wanting to use just one single image. In the end, though, this image was exactly right. I redid the card and put it beside my computer.

Until I wrote about it (just now), I assumed Breathless referred to Alice. Now I see that Breathless can just as easily refer to Ms. Red Queen.

Yes. I want recognition as a facilitator of SoulCollage. and I don't have to make myself crazy to get there.