Wednesday, March 22, 2006


WaterBearer - Council Suit Posted by Picasa

Seena Frost, the originator and developer of SoulCollage®, wondered last year whether other folks had WaterBearer SoulCollage cards in their decks. If so, she asked them if they were willing to display them in an exhibition. The answer was an enthusiastic “yes”. I wanted to make a card for the WaterBearer in order to participate. Alas, no images emerged that engaged me. Darn. The exhibit went up without my card.

The exhibition happened. Twice. First at Galeria Tontantzin. Next Sue Volpi Gelber (with help from Sara Post) displayed the exhibit at the Davis Art Center, Davis, California. And, now, the WaterBearer exhibit is virtual. Anne Marie Bennett has put up many of the cards shown in the WaterBearer Exhibit on her website. There is also a great article by Seena concerning this powerful archetype. I have posted some cards from the exhibit on Show Off! Another place to view the cards and article is at Mili Ballard's site SoulCollagers' Respite.

So, with all this inspiration flowing around me, I found the images (ok, they found me) for my WaterBearer card (pictured above) . I have not made many Council cards, and I felt a bit tongue tied when I began to speak. (“Will I measure up to the power of this awesome Presence?”) Then I remembered the wonderful Rilke* quote from Seena’s article, and I began to speak.

I am the one who is reflective.
I am the one who is life giving.
I am the one who is present with what preserves life.

The issue of water is monumental. Not only may we have reached Peak Oil, we may have reached Peak Water. Now there’s a problem! Or a bigger problem may be that we have water—but not where we want it and it’s moving so fast!! Hello, Katrina. Hello, Rita. Helloooo.

Today is the last day of the 4th World Water Forum. You can check out what they have been doing there in Mexico City. I’m sure WaterBearer is a witness to our renewed interest and activity on her behalf.

WaterBearer, we come to you as petitioners, as devotees. You have our attention. Let us hear you wisdom. Guide us.

* Rainer Maria Rilke
Let no one say that I don’t love life, the eternal Presence: I pulsate in her; she bears me; she gives me the spaciousness of this day, the primeval workday for me to make use of, and over my existence flings , in her magnanimity, nights that have never been. Her strong hand is above me, and if she should hold me under, submerged in fate, I would have to learn how breathe down there. Even her most lightly entrusted mission fills me with songs of her; although I suspect that all she really wants is for me to be vibrant as she is. (Fragment of an Elegy, Appendix to Duino Elegies, translated by Stephen Mitchell)

Seena describes a beautiful ritual she does that includes memorizing and saying these lines as homage to WaterBearer. I'm going to try it. Read her article for more information.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This Woman Rocks!

Barbara Sher is one of my favs! I’ve loved her wonderful energy, encouragement, advice, and innovation since I read her first book, Wishcraft, many years ago. It was great fun to make this Community Suit card honoring her.

Barbara has just come out with a fantastic new book called Refuse To Choose. It is a book about a personality type she has dubbed a “scanner”. That would be me.

I just sat down and read this book from start to finish. There are helpful exercises I will do later. I felt such joy at really understanding, for the first time, that trying lots of different things is my talent. I even made a SoulCollage card for that aspect of me. I called it Ideaphoria. You can see it on Show Off.

If you are a Scanner you will love this book. You might also enjoy connecting with like minded folks on Barbara’s Scanner forum. Her board also contains other wonderful forums such as Idea Parties, Wishes and Obstacles, and Success Stories. It is definitely a place to get ideas and help.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Stained Glass

I just finished this SoulCollage card and put it in the middle of my home alter. When I was a kid in Fort Worth, Texas, I spent Sunday mornings in Central Methodist Church looking at the beautiful stained glass pictures. I think it jump started my life-long spiritual quest.

I am the one who loves color.
I am the one who is ready to play with fabric, paper, crayons, ribbon, paint--whatever.
I am the one who is smiling.

A multimedia artist who has been very inspiring to me is Lisa Vollrath. Her site has an extensive gallary and lots of free stuff. If you relate to this SoulCollage card, you are sure to enjoy her work.
Thanks to Karen Mann for telling me about Lisa.

PS If you would like a way to open and close your mediatation ( or yoga session, nap, etc) with a beautiful bell sound, please see my Simply Silence CD, the Timer with Soul.