Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This Woman Rocks!

Barbara Sher is one of my favs! I’ve loved her wonderful energy, encouragement, advice, and innovation since I read her first book, Wishcraft, many years ago. It was great fun to make this Community Suit card honoring her.

Barbara has just come out with a fantastic new book called Refuse To Choose. It is a book about a personality type she has dubbed a “scanner”. That would be me.

I just sat down and read this book from start to finish. There are helpful exercises I will do later. I felt such joy at really understanding, for the first time, that trying lots of different things is my talent. I even made a SoulCollage card for that aspect of me. I called it Ideaphoria. You can see it on Show Off.

If you are a Scanner you will love this book. You might also enjoy connecting with like minded folks on Barbara’s Scanner forum. Her board also contains other wonderful forums such as Idea Parties, Wishes and Obstacles, and Success Stories. It is definitely a place to get ideas and help.

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