Thursday, September 27, 2007

Notice How He Walks on Water

Today I tried to link from my other blog, Embodied Aging, to my Community suit card for my dad. I found I'd never posted it! So here he is: Gordon Teague.

I am the one who is reliable.
I am the one who is creative.
I am the one who loves the outdoors and nature.
I am the one who steps forward when someone is needed.
I am the one who is kind.

From a workshop with Sara Post I got a list of beautiful questions/statements to consider when working with a Community suit card. Here are three of them regarding my card Gordon.

What have I learned from you?
I've learned that integrity is essential. You have modeled it always.

I am grateful for...
Your steadfast support (even in the face of my foolishness at times) and an upbringing that offered security and love.

I feel blessed because you are...
still in my life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She Who Is Dreamed

This star studded card is by Nancy Anderson. Nancy is a dancer, a singer with the Southern Oregon Threshold Choir, and a poet. She studies dreams, SoulCollage, and her garden's cycles for truth. Speaking from her card, she says:

I am the one who is dreamed, who gets great riches from the night-receives unbidden gifts, who can trust my unconscious to work without my control. I am the one who has "faith in nights."

I asked about books for studying dreams. Her answers:
A book on dreams I like is The Natural Artistry of Dreams, by Jill Mellick, (foreword by Marion Woodman). I would also recommend Paul M. Reeve', Women's Intuition, (Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body). It's less about dreams and more about embodying soul.