Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She Who Is Dreamed

This star studded card is by Nancy Anderson. Nancy is a dancer, a singer with the Southern Oregon Threshold Choir, and a poet. She studies dreams, SoulCollage, and her garden's cycles for truth. Speaking from her card, she says:

I am the one who is dreamed, who gets great riches from the night-receives unbidden gifts, who can trust my unconscious to work without my control. I am the one who has "faith in nights."

I asked about books for studying dreams. Her answers:
A book on dreams I like is The Natural Artistry of Dreams, by Jill Mellick, (foreword by Marion Woodman). I would also recommend Paul M. Reeve', Women's Intuition, (Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body). It's less about dreams and more about embodying soul.


Cheryl Finley: said...

Wow! This is a dreamy, mystical vision. And I love the couple far in the distance...dancing by in the Universe's light!
very cool...

Alia M. said...

I just love this beautiful card and her writing! It really struck a cord with me as I recently had a dream about dreaming my world. Thanks!

Hamguin said...

Gosh, this is so cool! I love the phrase, "...who can trust my unconscious to work without my control." There is so much power in that trust!

Welcome to My Sacred Life, Sharry!

Claire said...

i've just posted about an amazing dream i had last week - what a great post! i will check out the books you mentioned :o)