Friday, August 24, 2007

Molly's on the move again

Here is my Community Suit card for Molly Gordon. She is a business coach with a large internet following. I’ve posted this card before. I’m putting it up again because Molly recently posted some photos and asked her readers to choose the one that was exactly how they pictured her. The one chosen was so like the SoulCollage card I made for her that I am choosing to post it again. She is using it on the masthead of her e-zine Authentic Promotion. you can sign up here.

My Molly card is an example of how to create a Community Suit card* without using an actual photograph of the person. I usually use photos on my community cards, but I found that a representation may have more impact. Rather than a literal representation, I must find a metaphoric representation. The need for that sends me to a deeper place in myself.

* The Community Suit in a SoulCollage deck is made up of people (or pets) you admire, love, and appreciate. They can be living or dead. Personally known to you or admired from afar.

PS. It was Molly who turned me on to the powerful work CARE is doing with women around the world. As a result, I donate 100% of my profit from my cd Simply Silence Meditation Timer
to CARE. I invite you to purchase one for yourself or a friend.

Interested in a colorful way to track your life enrichment skills? Check out the free Think TQ tests. Click on button - What's your TQ? on their home page. I was surprised at what I found out about myself.


Cheryl Finley: said...

I sense that this card captures the essence of an adventurous,ageless and spirited soul. One who is creative & in-charge...a doer...filled with endless ideas, and ready for her next projects, explorations & discoveries...

What an inspiring example of a community card! Thank you!

Lu said...

I am definitely going to check Molly out. Your blog is a good read.