Monday, May 16, 2005

If you need a great guide....

Russell Delman - Community

I am the one who allows my body to teach me to be present.
I am the one who awakens.
I am the one who is here--right now.

Russell Delman is my meditation teacher. Last night I was listening to one of his talks from his CD. It was such an incredible reminder of what is important--remembering our true Self. He asks us to consider "What is more important than being really present?" Russell goes on to suggest that we can only do that when our mind is still. He says that being aware of what is actually happening in our body is a good way to come into the present moment, unfiltered by our mind's chatter. Of course all the masters say that (so that's a good sign). It's just that when I hear it from Russell, I somehow believe it could be true even for me.

Russell uses his expertise in the Feldenkrais Method (in addition to his training in Zen meditation) to create alternatives to obsessive thought. I think you should check this guy out.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Breathing In - Committee

I made this card yesterday at our Introduction to SoulCollage class. As we shared our cards in the afternoon, I was able to model a tongue-tied response to the "I am the one..." question. I glossed over the fact that two people are smoking cigarettes and focused on Breathing In.

Background: I was given a crazy straw the day before by my music instructor, Mary. By sucking up water through the straw, I will strengthen the sphincters in my body and gain many benefits. So I connected the smoking with the sucking action I was given. But there is no doubt a lot more to this card than that.

I love the punk girl's innocence. And her attempts at being cool.
I am the one who is tentatively exploring a new edge.
Maybe that is what is becoming of my New Age outlook. I've reached a New Edge, and I'm definitly an adolescent there.

The green glowing face, inhaling deeply. Inhaling light.
I am the one who wants to breathe in more life.
Well, that's for sure.

Strong legs. Determined. Able. Committed. Toward Something Meaningful.
Okay. I am the one who has the strength and determination to move toward The One.

Funny, as I write all this I remember that right now, in my meditation pratice, I've been focusing on Breathing Out.

Comments? I'm still exploring this card.

More thoughts on Breathing In

I just read Bob Herbert's op ed in the New Youk Times. It details some obervations by a young man serving in Iraq. He saw American soldiers do some really mean things. So sad.

When I read something this painful, I do tonglen practice. I breathe in the dark smoke of violence and suffering of the Iraqi people. I breathe out clear light. I breathe in the fear and anger of the soldiers. I breath out clear light.

I have my new SoulCollage card on a little easel by my computer. I see those strong legs. Running, it seems to me, in some timeless fashion. There is no finish line. Breathe in the poison. Breathe out love.