Sunday, May 01, 2005


Breathing In - Committee

I made this card yesterday at our Introduction to SoulCollage class. As we shared our cards in the afternoon, I was able to model a tongue-tied response to the "I am the one..." question. I glossed over the fact that two people are smoking cigarettes and focused on Breathing In.

Background: I was given a crazy straw the day before by my music instructor, Mary. By sucking up water through the straw, I will strengthen the sphincters in my body and gain many benefits. So I connected the smoking with the sucking action I was given. But there is no doubt a lot more to this card than that.

I love the punk girl's innocence. And her attempts at being cool.
I am the one who is tentatively exploring a new edge.
Maybe that is what is becoming of my New Age outlook. I've reached a New Edge, and I'm definitly an adolescent there.

The green glowing face, inhaling deeply. Inhaling light.
I am the one who wants to breathe in more life.
Well, that's for sure.

Strong legs. Determined. Able. Committed. Toward Something Meaningful.
Okay. I am the one who has the strength and determination to move toward The One.

Funny, as I write all this I remember that right now, in my meditation pratice, I've been focusing on Breathing Out.

Comments? I'm still exploring this card.

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