Monday, January 31, 2005

This is one of the cards made at the SoulCollage Party. You can see Ginny's card entitled Me, Today by heading over to show off. A special thank you to all of the wonderful photographers and artists whose images have inspired us to recreate and discover our inner and outer worlds.

Clara's Card Posted by Hello

Visit for more information on the SoulCollage® process. The Card Gallery features many artists and examples from each SoulCollage suit: Committee, Community, Companion, and Council.

The party's over--literally

It is 10:45 (way past my bedtime) and I'm tired but satisfied. My first experience of sharing SoulCollage® was very fun and rewarding. Two women brought photos for making special cards for family members. Two women came to try out the process with little else in mind. And everyone's card turned out just great. It is such a reminder that we are all artists when deeply engaged.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Geri - Community
I am the one who is excited by life. I am the one who refuses to let others restrict my vitality and life energy. I am the one who isn't afraid to start three new projects at once.

Visit to learn more about the SoulCollage process.

Letting myself be

I was feeling some conflict this morning about card making. I love to make cards on the computer, but if I want to teach SoulCollage® to others--who will be cutting and pasting by hand, then I want to maintain my contact with this way of working. Plus I will want to have cards to show that were cut and pasted in "real time". Hmm.

When I went to the SoulCollage® facilitator's workshop in September 04, I wondered how I would make cards without the use of computers or copiers to resize. Of course it worked great. I made the two of the most dynamic cards in my deck. (See Moms to the Rescue.) Still, what a reminder that this process is magnificent--high tech totally optional. It would probably work just fine to tear around the images and use flour paste.

Yet, I love working on the computer with images. My communittee card of Geri Esposito is a good reminder not to get caught up in the "shoulds". Not to let my delight in doing SoulCollage in my way be dampened by my "rule follower".

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My 15 minutes of fame

Kylea Taylor, Hanford Mead publisher of SoulCollage by Seena Frost, e-mailed me saying she had gotten a news alert with a link to the Daily Tidings article about our Ashland group. Have a look!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Wow! I'm doing this.

I’ve gotten totally wound up in SoulCollage ( planning. Since I decided that I would offer some classes (and the paper actually interviewed me for a story), I went into adrenaline mode. My brain was buzzing and I’d wake up at 2 am with ideaphoria. Now, this is what I don’t want! Just when my life was getting settled down (okay, it was a bit too settled) I don’t want to be manic. NO NO NO.

Well, I thought, ask my cards. I’ve only done a couple of readings before—both very provocative—but I’d never tried it at home on my own.

I said a little blessing, worrying that perhaps leaving out the candle was inviting bad karma, and drew two cards. Two perfect cards. Devotion and Healthy Me (my very first card).

Okay, I just uploaded photos of these two cards and got 2 copies of Devotion. I guess that means that I've got a few more things to learn about this blogging business and that I must be doubly devoted. There are no accidents.

The cards have spoken

Devotion -- Council

I am the one who is empty. I am the one who reminds you of connection with Source. The more you open yourself to emptiness and intuition the more will be revealed.

Devotion -- Council

I am the one who is empty. I am the one who reminds you of connection to Source. The more you open yourself to emptiness and intuition the more will be revealed.

Healthy Me -- Committee

I am the one who is in touch with her body. Stay grounded. Walk. Breathe. (And take a break from the computer every 20 minutes!)