Friday, January 28, 2005

Letting myself be

I was feeling some conflict this morning about card making. I love to make cards on the computer, but if I want to teach SoulCollage® to others--who will be cutting and pasting by hand, then I want to maintain my contact with this way of working. Plus I will want to have cards to show that were cut and pasted in "real time". Hmm.

When I went to the SoulCollage® facilitator's workshop in September 04, I wondered how I would make cards without the use of computers or copiers to resize. Of course it worked great. I made the two of the most dynamic cards in my deck. (See Moms to the Rescue.) Still, what a reminder that this process is magnificent--high tech totally optional. It would probably work just fine to tear around the images and use flour paste.

Yet, I love working on the computer with images. My communittee card of Geri Esposito is a good reminder not to get caught up in the "shoulds". Not to let my delight in doing SoulCollage in my way be dampened by my "rule follower".

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Karen M (SoulCollage Facilitator) said...

Hi Sharry,
I was drawn to comment on your cards - both made with & without high tech. I don't use anything more high tech than occaisionally photocopying an image to make it a little larger or smaller. I actually find part of the "fun" with SoulCollage is the joy of watching a card come togther- seemingly by itself- when pictures fit togther nicely.. I just "know" they're meant to be toether... I also like tring to find the "perfect" image to cover a word on a picture I want to use... to me it is part of the "magic".
That being said, your cards done with the help of computers are obviously beautiful & very meaningful... did you expereince any different feeling between the two different ways of making cards?

Keep up the good work- your cards are beautiful & your blog is interesting.