Monday, January 24, 2005

Wow! I'm doing this.

I’ve gotten totally wound up in SoulCollage ( planning. Since I decided that I would offer some classes (and the paper actually interviewed me for a story), I went into adrenaline mode. My brain was buzzing and I’d wake up at 2 am with ideaphoria. Now, this is what I don’t want! Just when my life was getting settled down (okay, it was a bit too settled) I don’t want to be manic. NO NO NO.

Well, I thought, ask my cards. I’ve only done a couple of readings before—both very provocative—but I’d never tried it at home on my own.

I said a little blessing, worrying that perhaps leaving out the candle was inviting bad karma, and drew two cards. Two perfect cards. Devotion and Healthy Me (my very first card).

Okay, I just uploaded photos of these two cards and got 2 copies of Devotion. I guess that means that I've got a few more things to learn about this blogging business and that I must be doubly devoted. There are no accidents.

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