Monday, April 04, 2005

The Red Queen

Last night I kept working on brochures for our next SoulCollage workshop far past my comfort level. Put in just one more contact. Now see if mail merge will work. Folding. Writing notes. I couldn't/wouldn't stop. Breathless. The Red Queen running just as fast as she could to stay in the same place and me flying helplessly along behind her.

The Red Queen:
I am the one who in in charge.
I am the one who can't stop if I want to keep up.
I am the one who wants to Be Somebody and Will Do Whatever Takes To Get There.

I am the one who doesn't have her feet on the qround.
I am the one being pulled along whether I like it or not.
I am the one who has climbed through the looking glass, entered the garden, and sought the Queen.

I awoke awhile back with this picture of Alice in mind. I knew immediately the card would be called Breathless. I made the card first with some embellishments -- not wanting to use just one single image. In the end, though, this image was exactly right. I redid the card and put it beside my computer.

Until I wrote about it (just now), I assumed Breathless referred to Alice. Now I see that Breathless can just as easily refer to Ms. Red Queen.

Yes. I want recognition as a facilitator of SoulCollage. and I don't have to make myself crazy to get there.

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