Saturday, March 26, 2005

Selecting, Remixing, Finding Meaning

SoulCollage feels like a process whose time has come. There was an interesting article in Newsweek this week by Steven Levy. It's entitled
Life Isn't Just as You Want It? Remix It!

In a sense that is what we are doing with SoulCollage. Our SoulCollage webmaster, Jason Yergeau, spotted this trend at least six months ago. I've been trying to get him to write an article about it. In SoulCollage we are selecting and remixing and finding meaning from the barrage of images that assault us every day. Making meaning makes beautiful, too.

We now have 107 trained SoulCollage facilitators who hail from 15 different states in the USA, 3 Canadian provinces and the UK and Australia as well. Many of them are listing their workshops at

~Kylea Taylor

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