Thursday, May 22, 2008

6th Chakra - Raccoon

This amazing card was made by Sheila Filan. And it was a long time coming. Over a year ago, using Seena Frost's mediation from SoulCollage, Sheila sensed that her 6th chakra (the third eye center) was companioned by a raccoon! Talk about resistence! Sheila has had her bedroom invaded by raccoons! This was not an animal she could easily accept into her Companion Suit. However, she kept her eyes open for images and her heart open for acceptance and understanding.

In our last workshop she found both. This card is a powerful example of letting the images find you, even it takes months. Trust yourself. You'll know when it's right.

Here are are her words for this card:
I am the one who can wear many masks and am learning to be real with each mask.
I am the one who finds creativity and possibility in all aspects of myself.
I am the one who wants to own all those aspects and not shrink from or disown parts of myself.
I am the one who is curious and open to new ideas.

This card wants me to be able to look at other people beyond appearances.

This card gives me a sense of changing my perception about something really deep.


cheryl said...

Hi Sharry,
Wow, this is "some card", and its message resonates for me indeed! Wow! THank you, and Sheila for sharing this card of magnificient vibration.
hugs to you..

Tao Girl said...

This is an incredible card! I have not yet done my companion cards, but this one inspires me. Who knows... I may have some companions 'finding me' soon.