Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This card was made by Marti Vargas at a workshop last weekend. I feel deeply moved when I look at it. Although we had done the meditation to find our animal companions, this did not appear as one of her chakra companions. At this workshop we discussed the idea that it is not always easy to say in what suit a card belongs. I think this is a Council card. When my husband saw it, he particularly noted the gorilla at bottom left. "These are going extinct. We don't know how to make something like this."

Here are Marti's words:

I am the one who has lots of life experience.
I am the one who is looking for something new.
I am the one who is waiting for a teacher.

This card wants me to be patient, just wait with myself--don't rush things or be in a hurry.
The energy of this card gives me loving acceptance of where I am right now.

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