Monday, February 28, 2005

Foolish Me

Waiting for inspiration Posted by Hello

Last week I was in my dance class Nia, and we were dancing The Fool. All of a sudden I realized the Fool in my SoulCollage® card was slumped on the ground. Of course Andy Goldsworthy is tossing red earth into the air – he is on his feet. Yet this other character is so earthbound. “I am the one who is of the earth. I come from the earth, and I return to the earth. "

You know, I don’t think this is my Fool after all. It is something/someone else. I will wait to learn more about this card.

I was listening to Seena's radio interview on HeartsArt yesterday. She reminded me that we often don't know what our cards are about. Sometimes it can take a long time to get the full message from a card we have made. I would be foolish not to wait....and see.


KM said...

I'm still trying to understand how the "fool" works... I though the fool was a "interrupter" type card, one that tries to wake you up change the course of your life... I feel like the fool is the one who crashed my car on the way to work at a job I hated... & who now is causing me to have difficulties to get a carpark at a new job that I also dislike... Seena says he "spins you around...ignoring him is dangerous business"...

sharryb said...

I, too, think of the Fool as an interrupter and trickster. But I have a slightly different take on her from the Tarot deck. Here she is an innocent –protected—about to step into the abyss yet always still on solid ground.

Lisa said...

I just heard about SoulCollage for the first time this weekend.

I'm waiting to get the book-already ordered it. I like your cards.