Thursday, February 24, 2005

Archetypal Energy - Wow! Pow!

In Seena Frost's July column on the SoulCollage® website, she talks about the difference between Committee cards and Council cards. She suggests that sometimes there is a fine line between them. At our gathering on Saturday in Davis I made a card called Sprouting Hope. It depicted Wangari Maathai, last year's Nobel Peace Prize winner. Sara Post mentioned that there may be a fine line between a Community card and a Council card, and that my card for Wangari might be a Council card.

Looking at the card (see Show Off!) I thinks it lacks some of Seena's criteria such as mysterious images. In my experience of the card I do find elements of archetypal energy.
  • The minute I heard about Wangari--only a couple of weeks ago--I knew I had to make a card for her. And since making the card I've been compelled to do more about the terrible situation in Darfur in the Sudan. Compelled and energized to take more action.
  • And I'm taking actions that aren't typical of me. Last night, after a very busy day, I drove to the Varisty movie theatre to ask if I could hand out flyers in the lobby after Hotel Rwanda let out. They said no, but I will do it outside. I'm printing petitions which I will take around my neighborhood. This is way more public than my usual style of "keyboard activism".

So my sense is there is some link between my experience of Wangari and The Keeper of the Children's Fire (Warrior) archetype. As Seena has said, sometimes you aren't clear what suit a card belongs to--if any. Sit with it. Or, in my case, run with it.

Does any of this talk about suits really matter? I think that being aware of what energy level we are engaging with can be quite valuable. The cards are expressing much of what we don't yet know about ourselves. Suits are just just one more way to "know thyself".

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Elizabeth said...

NOW I understand the possibilities and power of SoulCollage! I must admit til now it didn't "grab" me -this post and this picture,follwed by viewing your card, clears it up. Awesome.