Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Second Chakra - Dove

When I walked into Sheila Filan's house and saw this card I said, "Wow! Can I put that on my blog?" I knew other people would want to see it as well.

This card is from the SoulCollage Companion suit. It represents the second chakra, the place of creativity. Here are Sheila's words regarding this card:

I am the one in whom creativity and color are inextricably combined. I am the one who desires to express my creativity in expressions of peace. I am the one whose creativity is flowering and bearing

What does this card want from me?
This card wants me to revel in the excitement of new discovery.

What does this card have to give me?
This card gives me the wonderfulness of trickling and oozing color. It give me a feeling of settled enthusiasm.

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