Saturday, October 27, 2007



To celebrate the equinox a group of us did readings from each others SoulCollage cards. Here's how we do it:

We put everyone's cards out (face down), spend some time inviting a question to form, and then draw two cards. We keep them face down in front of us. Each person, in turn, reads her question and turns over the first card. She then speaks from the card using the statement "I am the one who....". When that feels complete, she asks, "What does this card have to tell me about (fill in question)?" Then the next person in the circle states her question and reads her first card. After each person has read their first card, we go around again using the second card.

My question was, "What can lead me to my heart's desire?" I was thinking specifically about a time period (two weeks), but also felt I was considering this question more generally. The card I turned over first was the one pictured at left. It is the heart chakra card of my friend and fellow facilitator, Sheila Filan. I mumbled a few words but mostly was struck dumb. So many bears! Bears doubled! I could definitely see that it relates to relationship, play, and animal (bodily?) nature. But it just didn't seem clear how it answered my question.

When my turn came around again I was truly shocked. The card I turned over was almost identical to the first one. Several bears, some in pairs. The next morning in my e-mail was something from Anne Marie Bennett featuring her first chakra bear card which I love so much.

I did some reading. Intuition came up a lot. So did hibernation. I have since found out that bears do not hibernate; they settle into a deep sleep that is intermittent between normal sleep and true hibernation which leave the body feeling cold. I learned this at the Museum of Science in Boston recently. I cannot say I yet have the message from this reading. I am posting this card partly to signify that I am truly open to what these incredible bears have to tell me about my heart's desire.

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Lisa said...

Saturday I was ripping images for future cards. I chose a number of "bear pairs." I sat the bears aside, apart from all the other images. They seemed very important to me.

It's interesting to see such similar images on the card pictured here and to hear your thoughts.

It will be interesting to see what develops.