Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Inside Out

The Lockless Door

It went many years,
But at last came a knock,
And I thought of the door
With no lock to lock.

I blew out the light,
I tip-toed the floor,
And raised both hands
In prayer to the door.

But the knock came again
My window was wide;
I climbed on the sill
And descended outside.

Back over the sill
I bade a “Come in”
To whatever the knock
At the door may have been.

So at a knock
I emptied my cage
To hide in the world
And alter with age.

~Robert Frost

I was having trouble getting to the meaning of this card using “I am the one” statements. I said things like “I am the one who is somewhat in a daze. I am the one who is cooped up and knows things would be clearer if I could get outdoors.” One of our wonderful SoulCollage group members offered that if it were her card it might have something to do with transformation. Hmm.

I wanted to post this card here with something more meaningful to say, so I decided to try something new. I’m studying a wonderful practice known as Inner Relationship Focusing taught by Ann Weiser Cornell. I decided to check with my body and see if I could get a felt sense of what this card was all about. It wasn’t long before I knew that the perfect statement regarding this card was Robert Frost’s poem, The Lockless Door. This poem was pivotal in one of the most significant changes in my life over 20 years ago. Hmm.

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