Sunday, August 27, 2006


I made this card, Listen, after a recent meditation retreat with Russell Delman at Mt. Madonna Center.

Russell introduced a poem by Rumi, The Ear, which I memorized walking the trail to our meeting hall each day. One morning I saw a grey fox peaking over the top of a boulder, watching me. I stopped. I didn’t move. At first all I could see was his face which reminded me of my cat, Luna. He inched further up onto the rock until finally he stood fully on top and barked a wild “hello”. I think this is what I was supposed to hear.

I am the one with my ear to the ground.
I am the one reminding myself to be quiet.
I am the one who hears both inside and out.

One way to deepen your own meditation or quiet time is to use a Simply Silence CD timer.

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