Monday, January 09, 2006

Good Health-I'll drink to that!

Whew! January.
I survived frosted cookies, egg nog, fruitcake, and yummy pies.
Now I'm ready to think about repairing the damage. I know not everyone goes overboard during the holidays--just most of us.

This card by Anne Marie Bennet reminds me that healthy eating can be just as beautiful as something smothered in chocolate.

I am the one who knows how to nourish myself, who drinks deeply from the bowl of life and never worries about the bowl being empty. I am the one who easily says, "Enough."

On her website Anne Marie has several cards relating to eating, body image and weight loss. She suggests that everyone could benefit by making a SoulCollage card for "I am the one who knows how to nourish myself". Of course this is not just about food.

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