Friday, August 19, 2005

I am the one who answers the call.

Warrior - Iraq by Sara Post

Sara Post, a SoulCollage facilitator from Davis, California, tells of her experience exploring the archetype of the Warrior.

Here is what she says about her own Warrior card, pictured above.

"This particular warrior card is directly connected to the war in Iraq. I had no idea that I was going to make this card. I know now that the war has been unconsciously very painful for me. I think one of the most disturbing ironies--and there are many--is the fact that soldiers are in frequent contact with their families, by cell phone or email and yet for those of us without a relative involved in the conflict, the war has been conducted essentially without personal sacrifice or really much awareness....This card is for remembering; for remembering those who are now in Iraq; for remembering those who are managing to maintain a life at home--both acutely aware of the threat of death or injury, both living each day and fulfilling whatever is demanded. "I am the one who answers the call."

Here is what Sara says about the group's card making experience of the Warrior. It ends with one action available to all.

"Several weeks ago a small group met in a SoulStudio workshop to explore the archetype of the warrior. We really had no idea what to expect, but with our national situation vis a vis the warrior archetype, we felt impelled to dig deeper, to find our own relationship to warrior energy, to find the interface of our personal reflections of this archetype with wider social events.
After some reflection on how the warrior operates as an archetype, we moved to card making. When we laid our cards out at the end of the session we were stunned by how broadly and deeply we had explored the territory.

Initially we examined cards that evoked the warrior's courage and awareness on a personal level in struggles with health/emotional/family issues. We then moved on to cards that called forth the warrior in the social sphere, associated with activism--affirming and fighting for causes we believe in. We realized we often (far too often) feel blocked or frustrated when confronted with national or global problems.

Yet because the warrior does call us to action, we continued to look for a way or practice. One particularly contemplative card led us to this: the affirmation or prayer for enemies. It is a daily practice that though extremely simple is said to be very effective. It a form of metta meditation— opening the heart to all.

This is a prayer/affirmation for another person when you are feeling estranged from that person, or have a problem with that person. Pray for 30 consecutive days—three times each day. If you miss a day, start the 30 days again. Pray the following prayer:

Thank you for _______________. Thank you for all the good that ________________ has done for me. Forgive me for the things that I have done to harm or hurt __________________. Bless ____________________ this day and make ___________________ very happy.

Repeat this affirmation whether you feel the things or not. Do not try to see if it is working. Leave the results to God/the universe.
Believe that blessing is available for all, including the one(s) who you have trouble with. Know that love is not dependent upon human understanding. Use this prayer/meditation/affirmation as a discipline and leave the results to powers greater than ourselves.