Friday, July 17, 2009


This stunning card was made by Ava Walters, a member of our SoulCollage group. I asked her to talk a bit about her card. The Witness is one of the "silent cards" who does not speak in "I am the one...." language. This is what Ava had to say about making her card.

I have had the images for awhile. I love the woman with the elaborate eye make-up and the little angel and devil drawings. I have been wanting to make a Witness card. I started playing with the image of the woman on a card and was going to use her alone since she is so compelling -- then noticed the devil and angel drawings and started experimenting. As it started to take shape, I realized it was my Witness card. The woman looks down with a soft gaze while the 'good' and 'bad' parts of me do our thing -- It does not matter to the witness -- she just watches -- no judgment. Would that I could be more like that.


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Dia said...

This is a powerful card - thanks for sharing it, & for sharing Ava's words about it!! Makes me want to paint my face . . . & I also like the images she's chosen to 'witness' & teh ball . . .