Saturday, June 03, 2006

Uncommon Organization

I recently paid a visit to Suzie Wolfer, a SoulCollage facilitator in Portland, Oregon. She is an accomplished artist and was working on lots of colorful projects in addition to SoulCollage. She will be teaching a fabric process at Art & Soul in Portland this October. I saw some samples--amazing fusing of fabric using a soldering iron! Really. And the results are like something an elf would design.

With her busy life (a husband, dog, cat, job, etc) of course she is organized! But her Organizer card goes way beyond the usual clutter free and calendar minded concept—this card has pow! I keep a copy on my desk to remind myself that organization is as much about ideas and attitude as it is about stuff.

If this were my card I would say:
I am the one who gets it!
I am the one who knows that every piece has a right place.
I am the one whose instincts and intelligence take me there.

I'll introduce more of Suzie's cards in the coming months.

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