Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Learning to love brokeness

Learning to love brokeness

This amazing card is by Sheila Filan (my friend and SoulCollage Adventure business partner). Sheila is a surface design artist, paper maker, dancer, martial artist, gourmet cook and cat lover. She has struggled through some painful break-ups this past year and is healthier and stronger as a result. Recently she made this card and spoke about it.

I am the one who loves wholeness but is learning to appreciate the value of brokenness.
I am the one who loves things to be smooth but also am fascinated with transparency and rough edges.

Asked about the core meaning/energy of the card she said, "When you are being really authentic there is no way to control the outcome of what happens".

The card is a beautiful example of the intuitive use of images to clarify and heal life's painful tumbles. Our group heard Sheila's comments on the card and added some of our own. There was a sense that this card spoke for us all and that it was probably a Council card. Let it nourish you as it did us.

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