Thursday, September 27, 2007

Notice How He Walks on Water

Today I tried to link from my other blog, Embodied Aging, to my Community suit card for my dad. I found I'd never posted it! So here he is: Gordon Teague.

I am the one who is reliable.
I am the one who is creative.
I am the one who loves the outdoors and nature.
I am the one who steps forward when someone is needed.
I am the one who is kind.

From a workshop with Sara Post I got a list of beautiful questions/statements to consider when working with a Community suit card. Here are three of them regarding my card Gordon.

What have I learned from you?
I've learned that integrity is essential. You have modeled it always.

I am grateful for...
Your steadfast support (even in the face of my foolishness at times) and an upbringing that offered security and love.

I feel blessed because you are...
still in my life.


Cheryl Finley said...

What a gorgeous tribute to your dad. And yes, he looks like he could walk on water! What cozy memories you have of your life with him...and your life with him even now. The eternal soul is indeed a gift that keeps on giving. Glad you're enjoying your dad's.

much love,

sharryb said...

Thanks, Cheryl. He is a very special guy.


Jerry in Tampa said...

Sharry - a wonderful tribute to your father! Hold fast to that love and respect... I lost my Dad in 1980 and he has never left my mind and left me the perfect sample of a father, husband and friend to follow....

Jerry In Tampa